WooCommerce Floating Minicart


Supported Versions:
WordPress 5.3.x
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WooCommerce Floating Minicart is a plugin that makes possible users access the floating minicart on the front site. This plugin provides more icons, an option to upload custom cart icon, some attractive design changes for minicart plus custom styling too.

  • Minicart – Enables WooCommerce Floating Minicart option for customer about their cart items, total price, number of products, tax status, etc.
  • Notifications – Product counts on WooCommerce Floating Minicart decorated as notifications so that customer could simply notice variance on cart items.
  • Floating – Enables floating minicart on fixed left, right, top or bottom side of your site.
  • Position – You can easily set the position of the floating minicart.
  • Custom background – You can set different background color, even you can set buttons color and hover color too.
  • Responsive – WooCommerce Floating Minicart also works for Mobile version site.
  • Styling Options – WooCommerce Floating Minicart have an option to add the Additional CSS too, So user can add the additional styles for example font-colour and font-family.


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