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WordPress 5.4.x
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The WooCommerce Donation plugin will allow any customer to donate some amount for the specific need purpose. An administrator can write some custom message for the donors, for which purpose they can donate. however, the option is given on the Cart page itself. so there is no rule to donate any amount, Customer can donate as they wish to donate any amount.

Administrator must have to create the ‘WooCommerce Private product’ with ‘Catalog Visibility’ hidden status and ‘regular price Zoro’. so It will not show at the front, but the administrator will able to select this product as a donation product from the submenu – Donation settings page which is located in a WooCommerce Menu.

– Keep Donation Option Enabled or Disabled for the site.
– Administrator can choose Donation product to add the cart.
– Administrator can enter the donation request message for Donors/End-users.
– Button Text can be editable by the administrator.
– Administrator can add additional CSS to change the design and can set it to relevant to active theme.


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