Woo Read Only Products


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WordPress 5.4.x
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Woo Read Only Products allow users ( Registered and Non-registered ) to view the product as a descriptive product or informative product. Moreover, there are settings page at the admin area to set a particular category as a read-only product’s category. Administrator or store manager can apply this feature product wise also, There is an option in the edit product area to keep that product read-only.

— Woo Read Only Products plugin allows you to set a specific product that is read-only.
— Administrator can set this feature, WooCOmmerce Product Category wise as well as WooCommerce single product wise.
— Woo Read Only Products plugin will remove the “add to cart” button and amount of price for any product on your site.
— Woo Read Only Products plugin is an add-on for the WooCommerce plugin.


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