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WordPress 5.3
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“Reach us on WhatsApp” plugin will allow you to generate Leads by Customers and Visitors too. After installing the plugin, just add your WhatsApp number ( WhatsApp or WhatsApp business ) and It will work for you. Without adding any serial key from any API, you can use this Plugin functionality by single click.

It’s really very easy for your Visitors & Customers to reach you. Users will automatically redirect on the WhatsApp application to send a message If they are surfing from the Mobile, And they were redirecting on the next tab of the browser if they are from the Desktop.


  • Icon Position: You can set the Icon position of the WhatsApp at the front side on your WordPress site.
  • Hide show ( Web and Mobile ): There is a feature for Hiding the Icon specifically for Desktop or Mobile.
  • Default message: The administrator can set the default message for the User, So when User clicks on the Icon from the front, It will redirect in the WhatsApp with default texts.
  • Web WhatsApp: There is a feature called Web WhatsApp, By checked that CheckBox, It will allow the user to redirect on the
  • Whatsapp Icon: Site admin can choose any WhatsApp icon from many choices in the admin settings page.


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