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Best Easy way to add Playlist Gallery for Youtube integrated with wordpress using shortcode put shortcode anywhere like post , page , widget etc.

Supported Versions:
WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x
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Playlist Gallery for Youtube plugin allows you to create Gallery of Youtube Playlists by using Channel Id of youtube channel. You can create multiple playlist from multiple channel.

To create a Playlist Gallery you need short code [ncpyt_playlists] and Channel Id of the youtube channel, to create gallery just create page and use shortcodes like [ncpyt_playlists channel_id=”], this is the shortcode you need to place where you want to show the Playlist Gallery for Youtube from perticular channel.

To use this plugin you need to get api key from google console this plugin uses youtube api v3.


Playlist Gallery for Youtube creates playlists.
You can add multiple playlists on different pages
You can add playlists at any where like post,page and widget etc.
It displays title and description of single video.

1 review for Playlist Gallery For Youtube WordPress Plugin

  1. Stuart Mckenzie

    It is easy to manage your YouTube videos in WordPress. I have installed it in one of my client’s website. It is totally based on video website. So i find this plugin and it is easy to manage my YouTube channel and playlist.

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