Oeat – Food Delivery App UI Kit for XD


“Oeat – The UI kit for Food Delivery App” – Oeat is the UI kit combining UI screen templates and set of UI elements for a food delivery app.

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“Oeat – The UI kit for Food Delivery App” – Oeat is the UI kit combining UI screen templates and set of UI elements for a food delivery app. This kit will help you design to design clear interfaces for food delivery apps faster and easier. This UI kit includes simple, elegant and modern 65 screens for the iOS platform. The well-organized layers will accelerate your design process. We have built this app UI kit using XD tool. The ultimate goal of the UI kit is to provide a flexible, seamless and easy user experience.

Our package includes 65 well-organized screens for iOS.

Oeat – Food Delivery UI kit for Mobile App

  • 65+ Premium Ready-To-Use Screens
  • Modern and Clean Design
  • Awesome Unique Look
  • Great usability, Typography and User-experience
  • Fully Layered, Grouped & Named appropriately
  • XD 32+ compatible
  • Free Web Fonts
  • Free Icon Fonts
  • Well-Documented Help File
  • And Much More…

Oeat Mobile UI kit

Oeat Mobile UI kit

Screens Included

  • 01_Splash
  • 02_Onboarding-1
  • 03_Onboarding-2
  • 04_Onboarding-3
  • 05_Sign In
  • 06_Sign Up
  • 07_Verify Phone Number
  • 08_Phone Verification
  • 09_Forgot Passwords
  • 10_Forgot Password – 1
  • 11_Reset Password
  • 12_Home Screen(Option-1)
  • 13_Home Screen(Option-2)
  • 14_Home Screen(Option-3)
  • 15_Latest Offers
  • 16_Top Categories
  • 17_Search
  • 18_Search Result
  • 19_Restaurant Menu Details
  • 20_Restaurant Menu Popup
  • 21_Restaurant Menu Add Items
  • 22_Restaurants Main Details(Overview)
  • 23_Restaurants Main Details(Menu)
  • 24_Restaurants Main Details(Photos)
  • 25_Restaurants Main Details(Reviews)
  • 26_My Order
  • 27_My Order-1
  • 28_Checkout
  • 29_Order
  • 30_Order-1
  • 31_Track Your Order
  • 32_Track Your Order – map
  • 33_Support Center
  • 34_Support Center-Details
  • 35_Live Chat
  • 36_Favourite
  • 37_Nearby
  • 38_Filters
  • 39_Search Location
  • 40_Search Your Location
  • 41_Confirm Your Location
  • 42_User Profile
  • 43_Edit Profile
  • 44_Payment Method
  • 45_Credit Card Setting
  • 46_Order History
  • 47_My Address
  • 48_Add New Address
  • 49_Settings
  • 50_About Us
  • 51_Notifications
  • 52_My Promocode Current
  • 53_My PromocodeUsed
  • 54_Reviews
  • 55_Reviews Details
  • 56_Add Reviews Dining
  • 57_Add Reviews Delivery
  • 58_Profile Menu
  • 59_All Photos
  • 60_Add Photo
  • 61_Selected Photos
  • 62_Add Photo in Review
  • 63_All Photos in Review
  • 64_Friends List
  • 65_Followers List


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