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WordPress 5.3.x
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Easy Customizer for WooCommerce will allow users to Customize the default texts given by WooCommerce plugin without doing a single line of coding for the Shop page, Product Detail page as well as The Checkout Page.

Features :

  • Add to Cart Button Text – You can change the Add to cart button text on the SHop page and on the product detail page. moreover, you can change this button text separately.
  • Sales Badge text – To change the SALE! badge on the shop page and product detail page separately you can use this feature.
  • Title and Heading of Tab on detail page – You can easily change the Heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tab as well as the title of that both tab on the Product Detail page.
  • Place Order Button Text – You can change the Checkout page “Submit Order” button text easily.
  • Stock Availability Message – You can change the default message for the Stock management like, “Out of Stock” or “Available on backorder” on the product detail page.
  • Login Message – You can Change the login message on the checkout page, for the users who are buying products without login.
  • Coupon Message – You can use this option to change the Coupon Message “Have a Coupon code?” at the checkout page.


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