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Supported Versions:
WordPress 5.3.x
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Custom Menu Icons Plugin allows you to include the most popular font icon types like dashicons, elegant icons, elusive icons, font awesome icons and themify icons as your menu icon in your site which is built in WordPress.

Features :

  • Inbuilt Multiple Icons – There are so many inbuilt Icons in the Custom Menu Icons Plugin, like dashicons, elegant icons, elusive icons, font awesome icons, and themify icons. You can choose from any of them.
  • Various shade options – You can give any custom shade or colour to the icon chosen by you for the front side.
  • Position – There is an option for the location of the Icon, from where you can set it before the menu label or after the menu label.
  • Menu Label Visibility – You can set the visibility of the Menu label too, By default it will keep visible your Menu label.
  • Icon Size & Vertical Align – The size of Icon is also a major thing if you have customized Menu in your site, for that part you can set vertically aligned and a custom size at the same time when you are choosing your Icon.
  • Search Relevant Icon for Menu – You can search and select the related icon according to your requirements.


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